A Safe Place

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm the oldest of three siblings. I was six when my brother was born and 8 when my sister showed up. We had our normal sibling battles, but I think I had a unique plan and the advantage of being much older. Since they were closer in age, I could manipulate them against each other and sit back and watch them fight it out and get in trouble. It was entertaining to say the least.

When we'd cross the line or when the teasing became too harsh, my mom would step in break it up. Something she said in those moments still sticks with me today. She would explain that the world is hard enough, so home should be a safe place. She reminded us that school was hard, kids were mean, and that teasing would happen outside the walls of our house and there's not much we could do about it. However, home was meant to be a place where it's okay to be yourself and not worry about getting picked on for it. She reminded us that home was supposed to be a place where we're surrounded by love and not abuse.

As a father, I hope I can relay this message to my family as it continues to grow. As a church leader, I want to continue to put this message into practice by helping to create a safe place for people to worship and learn the way God created them to do so. I want our church family at The Ridge to continue to be a community marked by love not judgment or ridicule.

Life is hard. Are you doing everything you can to make sure your home and church are safe places for people to be themselves without fear of judgment or ridicule?

Mathew Perryman Jones Live @The Square Room

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cooking Up Something Tasty

Sorry for the lack of entries lately. I've been in the lab with my friend Jason cooking up something tasty for the web. I can't wait to unveil it in a couple weeks.