From Reactive to Proactive: Seeking the Need

Monday, March 8, 2010
The Ridge Community Church exists so that people far from God are awakened to life in Christ. We believe this is God's vision for our church through our pastor, Bobby Williams.

Making sure our people's needs are met is a way that we fulfill God's vision and also spark community at The Ridge. At our current size, it is easy to find out what specific needs can be met for each family who come through our doors. We make an effort to seek out the needs of our people and our community before they are reported to us.

The anticipation of need is critical to any company who values customer service, so I believe the Church should value this philosophy as well. From what I've learned about care ministries of most churches, it seems like many needs are being discovered and met through emails, phone calls, and word of mouth. Right now, the average care ministry seems successful as a reactive ministry. However, if you make strides to become a proactive care ministry and find new ways to seek out needs, I believe this will create new opportunities for community to happen on a level most haven't yet experienced.

I've heard people say, "See the need, meet the need." However, before you can see the need, you must SEEK the need.