My Coaching Network Guys

Monday, September 28, 2009

The list below is the group I've been spending one Friday a month with for the last six months. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated the time I've been able to spend learning with/from them. If you are in a leadership position or you are a developing leader, keep up with these guys & seek advice from them. I'm looking forward to keeping up with everyone and seeing where God leads them and their ministries.

Adam "New Dad" Coates - Syracuse, NY -

Brian "Fanny Pack" Moon - Tampa, FL -

Crull "That's My Real Name" Chambless - Houston, TX -

Dave "Cubs Win!" Davis - Chicago, IL -

Geoffrey "Big Truck, Bigger Heart" Janes - Monroe, NC -

Hal "Father of Finance" Hunter - Jacksonville, FL -

Jason "Gen Why?" Young - Loganville, GA -

Kevin "Creeker" Lloyd - Augusta, GA -

Lance "Sugar Tit" Martin - Greer, SC -

Marc "Chuck Taylor" Cauthon - Wichita, KS -

Stephen "I Prefer Metal" Lowe - Atlanta, GA -

Tony "I'm Skinny, Therefore I'm Smart" Morgan - Atlanta, GA -