First Sunday Morning @ The Ridge

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just list some things that stood out to me.

- By 7:30am, there were about 15-20 volunteers preparing the stage, welcome table, and children's area.

-At 8:30am, our band was fully prepared to do a full run through of music and service flow.

-Around 9:00am, Pastor Bobby spoke to all volunteers to express his appreciation, provide a last bit of motivation, and remind us why we were there: Because there are people in our community and online who will never know the love of Christ and they're going to hell if we don't do something about it.

-When he was praying for the icampus ministry, I was moved because I felt the weight of the burden of lost people online.

-I fully anticipate lives being changed through our icampus ministry. That's exciting.

-From about 9:30am-9:50am, it was like the quiet before the storm.

-The band was well rehearsed so no one was on stage, the greeters were at the entrance and welcome table, the camera angle was set, the icampus was ready to cue up. Everyone was in place and just kind of waiting. The anticipation was a pretty cool feeling.

-I know we didn't really advertise because it was a "preview service" (a churchy word for dress rehearsal), so I'm not sure why I was expecting many people to come charging through the doors, but I just had a strong feeling of expectation.

-Here comes 9:50am-10am. This is when things started to get really exciting.

-People I've never seen before started walking in. I know that's what we're there for, but it wasn't real until I actually saw it happen. Then more and more started to arrive. One family even brought their TEN kids! Amazing!

-7 people showed up online and even with some connectivity issues, they hung in there and stuck around till the end.

-Our service started at 10am. The place was packed and our band killed it.

-We are so blessed to have such a talented band. They even rocked out with Pretender by Foo Fighters to go along with our upcoming series. (Matt, Deena, Kevin, Nick, Bobby, guys are incredible and there are a ton of churches and music venues around the world that would kill to have you guys play for them.) I can't wait till you all start writing/recording songs.

-By the time Pastor Bobby got up to speak, the energy in the room was high.

-My pastor always speaks with confidence, but yesterday it was at a much higher level. God showed off through him in a very powerful way.

-He spoke about his feelings of inadequacy as a pastor. He let us know that we let Satan win when we let others or ourselves define us. Only God defines who we are and He wants us to serve Him no matter how inadequate we think we are.

-I know for a fact that a lot of people listening yesterday had one of those, "is he talking to me?" moments.

-After the service was over, our volunteers step up again and we had the room cleared of equipment and staging in less than 30 minutes.

-We need a trailer and a place to store it.

-We really need a trailer and a place to store it.

I'm blown away by what God is allowing me to be a part of @ The Ridge. Here's the other thing that gets me.....Its only the beginning!