Dealing with loss

Thursday, December 4, 2008
I am missing an old friend today. If you've read the update in the previous post about Jeremy Frye, you know that he passed away in the hospital yesterday afternoon. I lost another friend in August of 2006 named Gabe Miller. When death happens close to me, I'm reminded to value the gift of life that I've been given.

The late Pastor Kyle Lake, who died in an accident at his church in Waco, TX in October 2005, wrote these words about life for an upcoming sermon shortly before his death:

Live. And Live Well.BREATHE. Breathe in and Breathe deeply. Be PRESENT. Do not be past. Do not be future. Be now.On a crystal clear, breezy 70 degree day, roll down the windows and FEEL the wind against your skin. Feel the warmth of the sun.If you run, then allow those first few breaths on a cool Autumn day to FREEZE your lungs and do not just be alarmed, be ALIVE.Get knee-deep in a novel and LOSE track of time.If you bike, pedal HARD… and if you crash then crash well.Feel the SATISFACTION of a job well done—a paper well-written, a project thoroughly completed, a play well-performed.If you must wipe the snot from your 3-year old’s nose, don’t be disgusted if the Kleenex didn’t catch it all… because soon he’ll be wiping his own.If you’ve recently experienced loss, then GRIEVE. And Grieve well.At the table with friends and family, LAUGH. If you’re eating and laughing at the same time, then might as well laugh until you puke. And if you eat, then SMELL. The aromas are not impediments to your day. Steak on the grill, coffee beans freshly ground, cookies in the oven. And TASTE. Taste every ounce of flavor. Taste every ounce of friendship. Taste every ounce of Life. Because-it-is-most-definitely-a-Gift.

If you stumbled upon my blog in search of more info about Jeremy Frye, I hope these words inspire you to value the gift of life and know that it only comes from God. I also want you to know that Jeremy not only valued his life here on Earth, but also accepted the gift of eternal life in Heaven with God. To find out more about what this means and how you can have this gift as well, click here.