Attn stage designers and techies

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
When it comes to stage lighting and sound, the price tag can start going through the roof pretty quickly. For a new church like The Ridge, it's hard to acquire all the gear you'd like to have in order to create a specific atmosphere on stage. I like coming up with ways to save money without noticeably cutting corners.
Here on Burn Your Grave Clothes, I'll try to post up some church plant money saving tips that we run across.

The auditorium we meet in already has stage lighting installed on the ceiling, but it can only really create one "look" on stage. In order to create different scenes on stage during our worship experience, we needed to add some uplighting and some color. Uplighting is where the light fixture is placed on the floor shining upward instead of traditional lighting from above. You can create many different effects with colors and shadows this way to give your stage a unique look.
Most par can lights aren't made to stand on the floor and shine upward beyond about 45 degrees on their own. We needed par can floor stands to do the job. After searching around online, I found that they were really tough to find and really expensive for a simple peice of equipment.
That's when I put my thinking cap on and wandered around Home Depot. I just found a drip bowl insert for a range cooktop, turned it upside down and secured a bolt through the middle with some nuts and washers. This turned out to work perfectly. It is sturdy enough for a par 38 or 64. It can hold the light in place at 90 degrees which is great for any uplighting effects we need. Each stand cost me under $10.