Big News for the Ridge Community Church

Thursday, November 20, 2008
By the time we officially launch in March 2009, we will have a fully interactive internet campus. This project will allow you to check out The Ridge worship experiences live from our website, connect with others watching online around the country and maybe the world, watch previous worship experiences on demand in case you missed them live, and much more.

Currently, the project and website are still in the think tank. So what do you do until March? Well, if you can’t make it out to our pre-launch meetings on Sunday nights at 6pm at The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge, TN, there are places for you to get updates on this project. Here on Burn Your Grave Clothes, on
Pastor Bobby’s blog, or our Facebook fan page - Just search for The Ridge Community Church.

This is an unmarked trail for us at The Ridge so I am excited about God lighting our path as we walk in faith. As Christians, we are to go and serve people where they are. Out of 6.7+ billion people of the world, about 1.5+ billion of them use the internet daily. It breaks my heart to think about how many of those 1.5+ billion people are lost without Jesus Christ. Why not use the most powerful communication tool in the world to let them know about God’s love for them?